Simulation Environment for Atomistic and Molecular Modeling#

SEAMM is a user-friendly software package for the atomistic simulations of organic molecules, biological systems, fluids, synthetic polymers, and materials such as metals and metal oxides, semiconductors, ceramics and alloys. If you are performing any of these types of simulations, SEAMM provides an ideal environment for discovery. It will help you focus on the science rather than technicalities of using the software.

Getting Started

Installing SEAMM and tutorials to get going

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How-To Guides

In depth guides to accomplishing your work

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Background Information

Deeper understanding of how SEAMM works

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User Guide

Reference information for using SEAMM

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Developer Guide

Guide for developers interested in working with SEAMM

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You can visit our YouTube channel for tutorials and videos, check our Github repository for the latest software updates and join our Slack channel for sharing software issues and seeking support by clicking on the following badges. Do not forget to check out our MolSSI Guidelines and Best Practices for Data Science, Machine Learning and High-Performance Computing. Be sure to also take a look at our SEAMM flowchart, dataset and model collections in our MolSSI Community platform on Zenodo.

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